NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

When it comes to garden perennials, mixing colors are beautiful in your landscaping theme.

When you combine purples with yellows and blue with reds, you have gardens that come alive with a rich color in the springtime.

Perennial choices that go great together are the red and blue lobelia, yellow and purple iris, and many daylilies accent one another well.

Perennials are excellent because they reproduce and come back every year. Annuals have to be replanted every year and do not do as well as perennials.

Affordable gardening means planting perennials is much better than opting for annuals for a one-time bloomer.

For Shady spots, it's nice to put in groundcovers where little else will grow also. English Ivy and Vinca Minor are both excellent vine plants, and both love the shade. They can tolerate some sunlight, but they thrive in shady spots as well. Vinca Minor, also called Periwinkle and Myrtle, blooms in the early spring season with a delicate lavender bloom. These evergreen groundcovers stay green year long too. With Its many advantages, it's no wonder the Vinca Minor perennial vine is such a great seller.

Do you have a hillside or erosion of the soil on a steep bank? When planted in the thick, dense cluster (1/2 foot apart), groundcovers and vines will stop the soil from eroding from the bank. They are also great for lower maintenance areas like the hillsides, where it's a talk just to weed eat. They will grow in thick clusters prohibiting weeds and other small plants from coming up, so little maintenance is needed where you plant these vines close together.

Source of Information on Color Mixing for Beautiful Results in your Garden