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Mitchella Repens

Mitchella Repens

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Saturday, February 26

The Squaw Vine, when eaten, can have some amazing benefits believed to be mostly on women but has been around in the Native American culture or society for many, many years. 

The Squaw Vine can be found in powder, capsule or astringent form and is used to treat many various conditions.

The Squaw Vine is rated on top of herbal medicines for aiding women in childbirth and pregnancy. The Squaw Vine has been linked to helping pregnant women have an easier pregnancy and to aide in making labor more bearable.

Squaw Vine or Mitchella Repens has also been used to help women after childbirth by helping cope and deal with their painful nipples after lactation. The Mitchella Repens has also been used to help with vaginitis, diarrhea, and many other various illnesses.

The Squaw Vine can have stems that can reach lengths of 1 foot and has small white flowers which produce berries from April all the way through July. The Squaw vine is very popular throughout the United States as well as China and many other countries because of the way that it aids in pregnancy as well as other illnesses.

Squaw Vine can be found in several mail order catalogs, online garden nurseries, and other places online. Normally the Squaw Vine is not just found in a general medicine shop or garden center, most of the time it has to be found in a herbal medicine shop or purchased offline.

Mitchella Repens is a great plant that has been around for many years and will continue to be around for as long as people find it beneficial. So if you know someone that is pregnant or who is expecting and fearing the thought of childbirth, recommend the Mitchella Repens to them for they may find it very beneficial.

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