NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.


All plants need soil. Not always. Epiphytes, also called "air plants," can live in the crooks of trees or along their branches. Mistletoe, the plant we think of as a Christmas symbol, is considered a partial parasite.

When living in a tree, it sinks its roots into the tree and gets its nutrients that way. It can also live on its own and get its food the usual plant way by photosynthesis. Apple trees often play host to mistletoe. Look for mistletoe vine among our groundcovers.

Plant successions provide you with an endless influx of garden fruit and vegetables rather than getting your entire lettuce or summer season squash mature all simultaneously.

Crop rotations are going to assure long-lasting soil richness and can assist you to prevent diseases as well as pests.

Cover crops also referred to as Green Manure, are an excellent component of any small garden strategy. Cover crops are a technique to enhance your soil by growing grain and legumes in the offseason or vacant garden places and turning them in, which will improve your garden soil.

Eco-friendly houses, cloches, and cold frames certainly are a welcome addition to any garden and shall provide you with the spot to grow your garden starts. Each of these will also behave as season stretchers, providing you with an extended developing time to help you commence and grow your vegetable plants throughout the entire year.

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