Marsh Fern

Marsh Fern

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Marsh Fern

This particular fern is a native to eastern North America as well as across Europe and some of Asia. It is a perennial fern whose light green compound leaves can be an excellent and attractive background for areas that are typically wet for example the edge of marshes/ponds, even within roadside ditches that tend to stay moist. This common fern consists of light green compound leaves that can get as tall as 2.5’ and as full as 7”. Each compound leaf will consist of ten (10) to forty (40) pairs of leaves. Leaflets are oblong with a smooth curvature. Typically the compound leaf, as well as its leaflets, will curve downwards. Fertile fronds will be of a smaller size than those that are infertile. It is a very adaptable plant regarding soil as long as it gets plenty of suns and is not put in a too dry area.

The Marsh Fern makes for the perfect vegetation to help conceal smaller wildlife from predators.

The Luscious Marsh Fern Brings A Rich and Full Look To A Garden These common ferns are a standard part of marshes or bogs due to the wet soil and exposure to a lot of suns. The marsh fern grows on the edge of these bodies of water but does not ever grow in standing water. It will grow to be around 2 feet tall in total, and it does not need much room to grow horizontally. The marsh fern carries individual fronds that change depending on their fertility. When a frond is fertile, they become straight, and when they are sterile, they curl up at the tips. It adds a certain uncertainty to the look of this plant, and it is interesting to see how it changes. The leaf stalk is smooth and a pale green color that makes this fern stand out. It is an excellent fern to plant in abundance as they can grow closer to one another and add more texture to a garden or yard.

Marsh Fern will produce much better outdoors so for an indoor plant it would be better to go with a different fern.

Give it wet soil, and full sunlight and a marsh fern will grow strong.


Scientific Name: Thelypteris Palustris
USDA CLimate Zone: Three to Nine
Height: 18-24 inches
Spread: 10 inches
Soil Type: Very Wet
Sun: Full exposure

Marsh Fern