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Maple Tree Collection- 1 Silver Maple, 1 Red Maple & 1 Sugar Maple Tree 4-5' Tall

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See below for examples of how your plants will look upon receipt.

bareroot types

In the spring, plants will green up and bloom. See this page for further information on planting your bareroot plants.

See below for examples of how your plants will look upon receipt.

bareroot types

In the spring, plants will green up and bloom. See this page for further information on planting your bareroot plants.

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  • 5
    Maple Tree Collection

    Posted by Gayle Rounder on 22nd Aug 2019

    great assortment

  • 5
    Maple Tree Collection

    Posted by Shawn Barto on 22nd Aug 2019

    wonderful variety of trees

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon Kilgore on 25th Sep 2018

    You have a very pleased customer. The trees are nice and was nicely packaged. And I love that it came with instructions

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We ship all plants usps priority mail. They arrive to most locations within 2-3 days. We package all plants to retain moisture to up to 10 days in transit. All plants ships from our warehouses in Tennessee. All plants are grown and shipped from out Altamont (zip) 37301 location. We do drop ship for re-sellers also for those wanting to resell our plants.

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All plants are dug and immediately taken to our warehouse and tera-sorb moisture retention gel is applied to the roots and then wrapped in plastic to retain superior moisture for transit. They are placed in corogated cardboard shipping boxes for protection when shipped

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Upon receipt of your plants, unpack and unwrap the roots and mist with water. Plant within 24-48 hours. If you can not plant within this time frame, put your plants in a cool location (ex- basement, garage or cellar) and water the roots daily. Cover them back up with the plastic so they will not dry out until you can plant them. After planted, water every evening after the sun goes down for 5 days.

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aple Tree Collection 1 each 4-5 feet tall in arrival - silver maple, red maple, sugar maple

Maple Trees are a beautiful species of tree. Seasonally maple trees can be a variety of shades of yellow, red, and burnt orange. This tree is grown for its beauty, maple syrup, and lumber. Maple trees can be built anywhere from Minnesota to Texas with a mature height of 60-75 feet and width of 40-50 feet. Maples grow 12”-24” a year and like moist acidic to the slightly alkaline soil.
Maple Tree Collection is an excellent package that includes a variety of trees. For example, the October Glory Red Maple is a great tree that grows best in climate zones five through eight and can grow to be anywhere from forty to fifty feet tall. It would make a great shade tree! The Brandywine Red Maple tree is another excellent selection. It provides a wealth of color during the fall and will be beautiful throughout the year too. It will be upwards of fifty feet tall when it is full grown.

Maple Tree Collection is a great deal!

When considering a landscaping project and wanting to use a lot of beautiful trees, this is an excellent choice. It provides a wide variety of maple trees, and these trees bring a lot of bright and vibrant colors to all lawns and landscapes as they mature. These magnificent trees can grow to be various heights and also work wonderfully to bring in all types of small wildlife. Squirrels love them as well as a variety of birds. These trees are elementary to grow and maintain and take the little care when growing. They grow to maturity and are very strong and can withstand a lot of harsh weather conditions. Maple trees are an incredible selection when wanting to add a lot of colors, and they also provide pleasant shade in the spring and summer.

Maple Tree Collections are all shipped to the customer in bare root form and are easily planted in all locations.



Maple Tree Collection

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