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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Tuesday, August 2

How to maintain your Home water Garden

In case you took your garden’s water pump out for the winter season, put it back as soon as you begin to see some activity in the pond. And at the same time, inspect the pump to make sure it works correctly.

Spring is also time to give a bacterial boost to your biological filter (purchase from a tropical fish store or a garden center). Remove debris and all leaves which blew into the pond. You should test the water to ensure that there was no accumulation of ammonia during the winter. Trim old growth in the plants and replant those which need attention. Replace the plants in the appropriate depths inside the water for best growth.

Summer Garden Maintenance

Make sure not to over-clean the filter pad. There is a trend, but the biological filters are less effective when cleaning away all the bacteria they have grown. Keeping your tank full will help to make sure that your filter systems and pumps work best. Change 25% of the water every month to reduce excess algae or toxins accumulate in the water. Algae need sunlight to grow, so if you use plants to provide shade for your water garden, that will reduce undesirable algae growth.

Fall garden maintenance

Change half the water in the pond to prevent a significant accumulation of algae during the winter. When the leaves begin to fall, it will be easier to keep your stream or pond if you cover it with a net of some kind. That will also make it much easier to clean. Cleaning the leaves and debris from the bottom of your pond, be sure to leave 10-20% as a cover or bedding. There will be a lot of microscopic life that live in this pond for winter. Place a bubbler or a deicer in the pond to prevent freezing altogether.

Winter Water Garden Maintenance

Keep a pump is if the weather is not too cold to allow water to flow. That could help any life in the water garden. Ensure a hole in the ice as toxins and gases accumulate in the feces of living and need a place to escape.

Source of Information on Maintaining your Home Water Garden