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Maiden Cane Grass

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    Posted by Em on 10th May 2016

    I was a bit worried since it was a 3 day shipment and I have never bought a plant online, but it was received a day early and I'm quite impressed. Very healthy, one of the vines started separating, ready to take off.

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Maidencane - Panicum Hemitomon 

Maiden Cane Grass is The Native Southern United States and occurs around the Coastal regions of Texas to New Jersey it is also Occurring in South America. Maidencane is often seen around the Coastal Wetlands; it can only be found in Freshwater. It is usually chosen in Gardens as a base to get started on if the soil is Hard to Grow on. Maidencane Growth may be Restricting if Planted near other Plants as competition begins. Maiden is eaten by almost all Native Wildlife, most Popular with Cattle but does also feed and Attract other Wildlife. Maidencane is often considered as a Weed in some places as it grows in Rural Crop areas and is referred to as a Nuisance when it becomes Dense. The maidencane is the choice for gardeners when the soil is difficult for most plants to grow. It readily grows and requires little care. It is often the choice for waterline near lakes and other moist sites.

Maiden Cane Grass tolerates any soil PH.

Consistently soggy, muddy areas in fields are a perfect fit to grow these plants. It’s popular with cattle and deer, as well as other species of wildlife.Blue Maidencane, as with all the species of Maiden cane, grow in, or near freshwater in the lower southeastern United States. The blue-green variety grows primarily in the areas of Florida and Georgia and is described as a common herbaceous grass. It has long spear-like leaves with thin white hyaline margins. It flowers in the fall. The above ground flowers on up to twelve-inch spikes and the majority are sterile, while the fertile flowers are borne underground on slender branches.

Maiden Cane Grass grow to three to six feet high and spread by horizontal roots/stems (Stolons) forming large patches of plants.

The aquatic versions may reach eight feet in height. In pond and other freshwater spots, the submerged portions provide habitats for micro and macroinvertebrates, which in turn are food for fish and other wildlife species including ducks. Florida’s maidencane was singled out by Brooksville PMC Technical Advisory Committee, as filling one of the critical needs for native revegetation efforts in the state.




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Maiden Cane Grass


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