This tree can be grown nearly everywhere in the continental United States.
It is a popular landscape tree that grows fast and has an elegant, column-like profile.

Lombardy Poplar Tree

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Common Name- Lombardy poplar Latin Name- Populus nigra Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9a Mature Height- 50-60 feet Mature Width- 10-15 feet Bloom Season- Early spring
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Lombardy Poplar Tree 1-3 Feet

The beautiful and elegant Lombardy Poplar (populus nigra ‘Italica’) is a type of European black poplar that originated in Italy’s Po Valley and was brought first to Britain then to Europe and finally to North America. Since it has a columnar habit it’s much taller than it is wide.  The tree is fast growing and can grow as much as six feet a year. Because they grow so quickly, many homeowners plant them in a row as living privacy screens. Their tall and stately habit gives any property a touch of old world gracefulness. The trees are especially beautiful when they turn bright gold in the fall. Ideally, the trees should be planted about eight feet apart. 

Like most black poplars, the Lombardy has triangular shaped leaves, green on both the top and the bottom. Because the petiole is flat, even a slight breeze will cause the leaves to flutter with a clattering sound. The petiole is the stem that attaches the leaf to a branch. The bright red male catkins appear before the leaves do. Interestingly, the Lombardy poplar, being a clone, is always male, so won’t produce the cottony seeds that are seen on female trees. The tree’s bark begins to fissure when it’s still young and can often be encrusted with burrs which many gardeners find attractive. 

Like other poplars, Lombardy poplars grow easily from cuttings. Bare root trees are also easy to grow. The wood is whitish or light brown. It’s soft and light and is used to make boxes and crates. It’s also used to make paper or excelsior. Excelsior, or wood wool, is used for packing and dyed green to make Easter basket grass.

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