Leatherwood Fern

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3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
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Border Plants, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant Plants,
Border Plants, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant Plants,

Reviews (6)

  • 5
    leatherwood fern

    Posted by Penelope Ferguson on 26th Aug 2019

    Looks great in my yard! Very pleased with this plant.

  • 5
    Tough exterior

    Posted by Michelle on 30th Mar 2017

    This fern has a very tough exterior and the fronds are hard to break.

  • 3
    Arrived Quickly

    Posted by Emily on 30th Mar 2017

    It arrived fast but didnt look healthy so time will tell

  • 4

    Posted by Rain Sigerland on 28th Mar 2017

    So far I see little growth but it has just now started getting warm here so I am looking forward to more growth

  • 4
    Gets an a+

    Posted by Hardy on 7th May 2016

    All gets an a+

  • 4
    Good product

    Posted by Eli Jacobs on 7th May 2016

    Overall good cs and products

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Leatherwood Ferns - Dryopteris marginalis  For Sale Affordable, Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Leatherwood fern is an easy to grow evergreen perennial plant that is an excellent choice for a rock garden.

Leatherwood Ferns, Like many ferns, prefers soil that is moist, full of hummus, somewhat acidic and well-draining soilIt grows from a rootstock as opposed to a rhizome and doesn't spread but forms an attractive, vase-like shaped clump. The rootstock often pokes up out of the soil, which gives the plant the look of a cycad or tree fern.

In nature, the leatherwood fern is found in moist, shady woods near rock formations. It is also different from other species of fern in that it is drought resistant. The greenery can be grown in full sun but prefers

Leatherwood Fern 

Dryopteris Marginalis, or Leatherwood Fern, is an elegant plant from the Dryopteridaceae fern family that is easy to grow.

 The term Dryopteris is a nod to Dryas- the Greek word for Oak and Pteris meaning fern- alluding to this plant's natural habitat being in oak woodlands. It is non-flowering and loves heavily shaded areas. 

 It appears as a deep evergreen, well-spaced fern with oblong greenery running laterally across the stem. While is does not vine or spread rapidly, this fern can mature into a full plant with dense greenery. 

 It's low maintenance nature, and strong disposition makes it a great addition to yard features and otherwise hard-to-fill shady areas. 

 This fern can spread 12 to 18 inches wide and reach heights up to 18 inches. 

 This Missouri native fern grows in a vase shaped-clump in zones three through eight and is a very low-maintenance evergreen. 

 Average, well-drained soil in partial or full shade is the preferred medium for the Leatherwood Fern. 

 In the wild this plant is often found in rocky woodland areas and bluffs, making it a lovely contrasting piece to rock garden or ponds. it also mixes pleasingly with wildflowers or in groups of fern to create an ethereal feel.

an area or a room where it gets no more than three hours of sun per day.

The plant has 15 to 20 inch long fronds with deeply cut, glaucous green leaves that taper to a point. These smaller compound leaves are blunt, with reproductive bodies called sori found near their margins. Their texture is leathery, which gives the plant its name.

The fern doesn't have severe problems with pests or diseases, and as it is an evergreen, it provides winter interest in a garden. However, it needs to be protected from the wind.

Though deer and rabbits nibble on the leatherwood fern, it resists being damaged by them. Birds also use the fronds to build their nests. The plant is not invasive and is excellent for shady walkways or shady areas beneath old trees. It can be grown in a specimen or native perennial garden, though it hybridizes readily with other species of wild fern. It is hardy to frost and can tolerate temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Slight pruning in late winter helps the foliage stay full, but is not necessary.

Affordable Leatherwood Fern For Every Landscape Design

Plant Name: Leatherwood Fern
Latin name: Dryopteris marginalis
Hardy planting zone: 3 to 8
Mature height: 1 1/2 to 2 feet
Spread: 1 1/2 to 2 feet
Bloom season: Non-flowering
Sun: Part shade to full shade

Leatherwood Fern

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