Leatherwood Fern

Leatherwood Fern

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Leather Wood Fern – Dryopteris marginalis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Part Shade, Shade Mature Height - 18-23” Mature Width- 23-29” Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

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Leatherwood Ferns - Dryopteris marginalis 

Leatherwood ferns are named for their fronds which are slightly thick and leathery looking. These ferns can provide a stable contrast against more lace-like ferns like the Lady or Painted Fern. They will look just as good when grown indoors as in a garden. Leatherwoods are somewhat dull in color compared to other fern varieties. They tend to be deep or gray-green in Hue. They are hardy, and are considered semi-evergreen. They are a great choice for winter color in your garden. They are often called 'Evergreen Wood Fern! They thrive also when planted in all types of soils as they can adapt and adjust very well. They can grow during wild in areas such as woodlands and forest because of the soils and lighting conditions they provide.  They are amazing when planted in gardens and other plants are added around them to create a beautiful look. 

They bring in lots of gorgeous curb appeal to all areas that they are added to.  They also work great to use as a bordering plant for other locations on a lawn or other type of property.  They are great as they are very easy to grow and to care for.  These also provide some color during the winter months as they are growing. The Leatherwood Fern is a beautiful, easy to grow fern. The young Leatherwood is a light green but the fronds develop a bluish green color after maturing. The Leatherwood does well in damp, woodland areas, and near water. This shade-loving fern is easy to care for, reliable and requires little to no attention. Slight pruning in late winter helps the foliage stay full, but is not necessary. The Leatherwood Fern is resistant to both rabbits and deer. This fern is gorgeous potted or grown in containers, but looks stunning when planted around borders.


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Leatherwood Fern

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