NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Larkspur is a beautiful flower when in bloom. The colors of this flower can sometimes be purple, blue, red, yellow and even white.

This is a fantastic flower to use in flower gardens and natural areas. This is a wonderful flower to place in vases inside of your home once it blooms and will be lovely. This plant will normally bloom from late summer all the way through the summer.

These flowers are used a lot in flower arrangements and are beautiful. They will bring vibrant color to your gardens and will look lovely.

You will enjoy these flowers for several months. You can purchase these plants and make sure that they are healthy when they arrive at your door. You can buy these from an online plant and tree nursery, and they will arrive ready to plant into your garden, and they will begin to change and make your garden beautiful. The Native Americans have also used this plant for its colors, and they mixed it with other things and would produce a blue colored ink. This plant is poisonous and can cause severe vomiting if eaten. This is not a good plant to have around cattle or other livestock that may eat the plant. It can harm and even cause death in cattle in a concise time. You can do a lot of research regarding this plant and make sure that it is right for your garden. You can find lots of information online regarding the Larkspur plant.

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