NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Over 20 Feet

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Over 20 Feet

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If you asked someone to describe oak trees, they might say that they were strong. And this would be true. Sturdy oak trees are a group of hardwoods that can live for hundreds of years ( These trees range from 18 feet to 80 feet and can be found throughout East Asia, Europe, and the U.S. ( This extensive range also means that there are leaves that come in different lengths. Having a tree family that grows in many areas means that there will be many types of leaves. These different heights and leaf lengths offer many options to those wanting to plant oak trees. These trees are grown in many areas and can be found in places as diverse as rural towns or well-trod roads.

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The tall and colorful family of maple trees are known both for their leaves and their variety. Maple trees come in different sizes and range from 30 feet to 145 feet tall ( These trees are part of the Acer family, and can often be identified by palm-shaped and lobed leaves ( that usually have between 3 and nine veins that extend to a lobe . These leaves come in varying colors; often in orange, yellow, red, or brown . The bark and leaves of maple trees have unique colors and provide shade in the spring and summer.

Large trees grow in many different varieties


Many of the shade trees that can be planted in yards are tall. Some shade trees can reach 70 feet tall. These different trees come from different families and have unique qualities. These multiple types of trees have leaves that have different shapes and colors that emerge as they change in autumn. Shade trees are sturdy, can weather all four seasons, and offer shade in the spring and summer and changing colors in autumn and winter.

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