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Large Privacy Conifers

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Advantages Of Planting Large Privacy Conifers

There are many advantages to planting large conifers. Not only do they provide year-round greenery, but they can also be planted near create windbreaks and living privacy fences. A grouping of pines reduces loud stress sounds and can block or reduce highway lights. Another advantage of planting pine trees is their ability to generate, creating the look you want or the privacy you need in record time.

White Pine Trees (Pinus strobus) - A Large Privacy Conifer

Bright green, with soft, flexible needles and 4-8 inch cones, the white pine can live for more than a century. These fast-growing evergreens can reach heights of 80 feet, and prefer full sun to partial shade. They work well as windbreaks and are often used for Christmas trees. The white pine will add beauty to any landscape but is especially lovely in winter with snow on its green needles.

Spruce Pine Trees (Pinus glabra) Robust and requiring little maintenance, spruce pine trees can reach heights of more than 60 feet. Their dense foliage and low branches, as well as their year-round greenery make them perfect for use as lovely backdrops and privacy fences. They are great for wildlife-friendly areas, and their irregular shape will add interest to any landscape.

Loblolly Pine Trees (Pinus taeda)
With their large columnar trunks, rounded tops, and dark green needles, loblolly pine trees are easily recognized. They can reach heights of 60-90 feet at maturity. Because they are fast-growing, these conifers are perfect for creating living barriers to block highway lights, and planting them in groups also reduces loud stress sounds. Loblolly pines prefer partial shade to full sun. They are useful for providing cover and nesting space for wildlife and will provide beauty and shade for your landscape.