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 Landscaping With Rocks

Landscaping With Rocks

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

To start decorating or landscaping with rocks you will need to do is make sure you know exactly what you are wanting to do with the rock and the design you are planning to make.

Then when you are placing the rocks you will want them to look like they were there when you built your house in the yard that they reside in. 

The rocks will not look good if they are all the same measurement and look like they were forced to be there. The rocks need to look natural to its habitat. After you place the rocks in the desired positions you will need to dig at least 6 inches into the ground under the rocks and kind of bury the rock somewhat. Like I said the rocks need to look as natural as possible. Once you have placed your rock if you have any against a wall or against the house you can use a soil mortar to make it look like there are plants such as perennial plant or something of the like growing from inside the wall and or rock. You will also want to invest into a retainer wall to make this all look as natural as possible. This will make the wall also look like it was there before you built the area around it too. I wish you the best of luck finding your “notch” in the decorating and landscaping with rocks tips I have given you. Buy plants from a reputable online nursery.

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