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Privet Hedges

Privet Hedges

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 15 , 2020

Privet Hedges

The Gracious Elegance of Privet Hedge Plants - Privet hedge plants have small, glossy green leaves that create a dense privacy hedge, wonderful topiaries and look great beneath windows and around pool and patio areas. It's important to know that privet hedge plants are the largest selling hedge plants in the US, according to nurserymen and horticulturists. 

These are fast growing, long lived, hardy hedge plants that grow up to 10 feet in height and form a dense wall of green hedges. They are found in any growing zone. In coldest zones, choose the hardy strains from Eastern Siberia. It is also good to know these plants will grow in almost any soil or location. The best news is that these hedge plants require very little maintenance. 


Privet Designs - Many property owners choose privet hedges to create unique designs for added property value and curb appeal. For example, plant two to three foot, healthy plants about ten inches into soil. Water when soil feels dry to the touch. Don't overwater. 

It is easy to know when these plants have too much water. Their leaves begin to yellow, dry rapidly and fall off. The nice thing about privet plants is that they can be trimmed to some pretty fascinating shapes and designs. Plant a row of these and allow the last two feet of plants to grow slightly above the edge of the "hedge" on either end. Then, trim these into flat pedestals and allow the upper growth to be trimmed into globes.

The "Famous" Privet Hedge DesignsOne of the most famous topiary privet hedges is found in the movie, "Edward Scissorhands." These were created by topiary artist, Ted Bushe. These were designed in the shape of animals and birds. 
Many British homes and manors also use privet hedges in an array of topiary designs that accent reflective pools and around garden walkways. This shows how deeply embedded privet plants have become in enhancing landscapes. Some gardeners prefer privet hedges to be trimmed about two to three feet above the soil for a low type of border hedge. These plants also look great when they are shaped into curves, arcs and fanciful arrangements near fencing. 

Natural Privet Hedge Walls
Privet plants make wonderful privacy fences. To do this, simply allow these plants to grow high enough to provide optimal privacy. These plants also create a natural look when they are allowed to grow to maximum height along fence lines.

Hybrid and Variegated Privet Beauty
Certain strains of privet hedges will bear tiny red berries during the last phase of seasonal growth. These berries turn darker as temperatures drop. These are actually seeds that drop into softened soil and return as new privet plants. Hybrid privet plants are those that have been grown to reach a specific height, such as Chinese Privets. Variegated privet hedges have lovely green and white foliage. For a stunning landscape effect, plant variegated privet hedges between dark green plants or use variegated privet plants to accent the shape of the hedge.