Landscaping With Pavers

Landscaping With Pavers

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Landscaping with cement stones or pavers can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. 

The good parts are that the landscaping stones will make a very beautiful walkway or walkways in the area around your house.

Concrete stones and pavers can be used for many things such as walkways leading up to your door or leading to the flower or vegetable garden. You can either go the modern day route and just cement a pathway with a stone boarder; or you can make an English garden look which is more so a flagstone path. The bad part is that if you go overboard then you can make your yard look like a tacky mess. There are a lot of different garden styles that you can choose from like a Zen garden all the way to an English garden. If you want to make the walkway seem more formal or elegant then you can choose to use a form of stone called slate. If you want something that is more relaxing and calm then you could use the naturally colored stones which are great for family cookouts and gatherings. If you weren’t satisfied with a Zen or English garden and you want something more natural like a naturally raised garden bed you can use rocks to make a surrounding area for a raised garden bed so the soil isn’t walked on and compacted. Choosing the right stone is what is going to determine the mood around the area you place the walkway, patio, or raised flowerbed.

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