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Wednesday, September 14

Landscaping can change the look of a home, and if done well then it can make your house look more beautiful.

If you have a garden which is not very large, you can go ahead and plant trees and plants to make it more colorful and lively. Here are a few tips and ideas which can change the entire look of your garden.

o start with, check if there is adequate sunlight, proper air circulation, well-drained soil, and enough space for you to grow the plants that you want. If you have a narrow path in your yard, you can design it by placing some stones informally and making a walkway path. Try putting your ideas and place the stones in such a way that it looks artistic. You can also choose flowers that will create an excellent contrasting effect with the color of your house.

You can also put on colorful mosaics and tiles on the ground or wall near flower beds. Statues, sculptures, and other ornamental pieces look great in the garden. You can match them up with the entire design of the garden.

If you have ample space to occupy a spread of 15-20 feet and a height of 40-50 feet, you can consider growing some amazing flowering trees like:

Ann Magnolia: This tree grows 10-15 feet in height and spreads up to about 12 feet. It has beautiful pink flowers that bloom in spring, which can help change your landscape's overall look.

Sargent Crabapple: This is another tree that can grow in the space of 6-12 feet in spread and a height of about 10 feet. In spring, it gives you white flowers, and the buds start with vibrant pink colors.

Red Cloud Dogwood: The red cloud dogwood grows 20-30 feet high and spread about 25-30 feet. It gives you brilliant orange, red and scarlet foliage. It is suitable to be grown in your backyard.

Sand cherry: This tree grows about 10 feet in height. The flowers are pink and white, and the foliage is beautiful rich red-purple which gives a luxurious look to your garden.

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