NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Does your yard scream, “Help me,” does your yard lack color or style? Did you even realize that your yard says a lot about your personality and who you are?

Have you ever been driving down the street, and someone’s yard caught your attention out of the corner of your eyes? What was it, was it the colors, and was it the way that their yard was neatly landscaped out? Your yard says a lot about who you are. You can spend hours and thousands of dollars making the inside of your home look neat and attractive but did you know that if your yard has a bunch of weeds growing in it and you have a mountain of trash piled up everywhere do you think people want to come by or come inside your home? So, all that money you are spending on the inside has been wasted because you can’t show it off.

There are many simple things that you can do outside your home, such as spend a little time weeding your flower beds, adding pavers or stepping stones so that people can get to the front walkway quickly, or planting some flowers, making your flower beds stand out.

By adding just a few simple flowers to an existing flower bed, such as tulips, irises, or other types of flowers, can say a lot and make even yourself feel a lot better about your home.

Landscaping your home on the outside makes you feel good and expands your personality because who doesn’t feel good after sitting outside and reading a good book on a warm summer day? Landscaping can be simple or elaborate; it’s what you make of it!

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