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Landscape Staging Packages

Have you ever thought about how landscaping around your home would enhance the overall appearance of it? Landscaping companies charge $2500 or more to come and give you a skimpy sketch of what you need and where you need to plant it at. At Tn Nursery, we are pioneer's in the landscaping industry plus we have the largest availability of plants of any nursery online or off. We, due to high demand from customers throughout the many years we've been in business are now offering you landscape staging. It's a complete guide we let customers choose and give them helpful ideas what would work best in specific areas of their landscapes and where to plant specific plants, shrubs, trees, perennials, fern plants, mosses and much more. We have a full selection of all types of landscaping plants. From evergreens to flowering trees, privacy shrubs, hedges, fruiting trees, shade trees, fast-growing shrubs, colorful perennials, ferns for outdoor landscaping or hanging baskets, ideas for shade gardens like mosses and shade-loving perennials and shrubs and much much more.

What Our Landscape Staging Packages

We not only offer you landscaping ideas to make your lawn come alive with vibrancy and elegance, we also sell the plants you need to do it yourself and save thousands of dollars. And yes, we have the exact same plants as you'd find at your local retail garden center or nursery. We sell bare root plants and ship them in the dormant season with a super high success rate of 96-98% when planted in the spring or fall planting season. Bare root trees are those simply dug from the fields without a container. We do not think it's fair to buy a fancy container and pay triple price for it when we can package your plants with superior packaging to make them live excellent in transit and arrive ready to plant. No heavy machinery is needed, all you need to do is un-package your plants and dig holes and plant and water them and let Mother nature do the rest. We have different staging packages, depending on what you want to achieve in your landscaping. We have helped many homes achieve the award-winning results of the best landscaping in the neighborhood to those wanting a completed look with new construction.

What We Do Landscape Staging Packages

All we need from you is 3 images. an image from the end of the middle of your property, one from the right side and one from the left. We will create you a sketch and email it to you where we recommend to plant in your specific landscaping area and best of all we sell the plants you need so ordering is easy and we deliver to your door. When we receive your photos, we will draw you a sketch specifically designed for your area offering you ideas of what type plants would accent specific areas to complete your landscape. We will also send you urls to click on the specific products we are recommending so ordering is easy and you will have choices of more than one specific plant we recommend per area. We also allow you the customer to tell us if you'd prefer a full landscaping or partial plus we have full landscaping packages. Simply choose from our packages what you want, front landscape staging, side or rear and let us look closely as your photos and allow us to research what type plants we grow that will not live but thrive in your specific zone. We are the growing source and we guarantee you will be pleased with your results when you order your landscape staging from Tn Nursery.

Landscape Staging Packages