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Landscape Staging Packages give the perfect options for a home garden

Do you want to do some landscaping around your home or office but don’t like the idea of paying thousands of dollars to have a landscaping company do the job? Sure, you could select individual plants yourself, but it would take forever to find enough plants that will grow in your climate.

Do you have great plans for a landscape overhaul but have trouble figuring out which plants work well together? An expert could undoubtedly help you out, but they’re pretty expensive too.

Landscape Staging Packages are perfectly sorted for each zone

The solution to both these challenges is one of our landscape staging packages. When you order any one of these packages, we’ll go out into the field and select individual plants that are perfectly adapted to your USDA hardiness zone. At the same time, we’ll choose only species and varieties that look great together so you can mix and match any plants within each package, or plant them all together in a single space, and you can be confident that any combination you choose will look fantastic.

Landscape Sttaging Packages include ferns, groundcovers and perennial

All you have to do is decide whether you want ferns, ground covers or flowers — or all of the above — and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of buying a landscape staging package
All plants will perfectly match your USDA hardiness zone
Each box is full of plants that complement each other, so you don’t have to be a landscape design pro to choose great plant combinations
Each package provides a significant discount off our already low grower prices
Instead of spending hours selecting hundreds of individual plants, you need to select a couple of boxes — a task that will only take you a few minutes
Pro tip:
Grab a ground cover package to fill in all the gaps between your other plants. Nature abhors a vacuum and leaving bare soil invites weeds. A living-mulch ground cover looks great too.