Kousa Dogwood Seedlings

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Latin Name- Cornus Kousa Hardy Planting Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 15-30 ft Width-20-25 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun
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Kousa Dogwood Seedlings

The Kousa Dogwood Tree is a beautiful tree with white blooming flowers. This particular tree also has edible berries on it as well. The Kousa Dogwood is a native to Eastern Asia. There are other names for this tree. Sometimes it is called Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. This is probably because it is standing upright. The Kousa Dogwood is a very ornamental tree. It is great to use in landscape design. The tree has a beautiful white flower bloom in the late spring or early summer. It has a dark green leaf, and the leaf turns to a reddish/purple color int he falls. It is beautiful all year long.  It has more of a horizontal branching out, although it has a vase type shape when it is young. The tree is slow growing. Plant the tree in the good moist soil. The tree has small berries which are very sweet. Sometimes these berries are used to make wine. The white blooms on the tree open just below clusters of yellow-green flowers, making for a very pretty tree. The tree is commonly used inside buildings for decor. Homeowners often choose this particular type of tree to enhance the decor of the outside of their home. The beauty of the tree shows well against dark colored landscaping mulch. The options of how and where to use the tree are endless. The tree can be found throughout the United States, but more often it is grown in the western states. Some eastern states have been known to grow this tree as well. The soil must be moist. When planting the tree, choose wet soil so that the tree will develop a high root system which will enable it to grow and stay moistened on its own. The natural care and rare beauty are two beautiful features of the tree. If needing the grace to add to your land view, this tree is a great choice.

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