NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Keeping gardens green can be tricky, especially if you have plenty of trees and plants in your garden.

The main thing in keep gardens green is to water regularly. If you have a large garden or front lawn, then consider investing in a sprinkler system. You can build a sprinkler system yourself or hire someone to construct it for you. There are even sprinkler systems that turn on when timed. If you want your sprinkler to turn on during the morning or late evening, then all you need to do is set the timer, and your irrigation system will turn on without you having to leave your house. That is also a great way to water your garden if going on vacation.

Another way to keep gardens green is to ensure that plants have the proper soil type and compost support.

Soil usually requires healthy ingredients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and nitrogen to help healthy plants grow. Compost and manure are also essential to support weak soil and plants while growing. Ensure compost and manure are organic, and they should not contain any diseased plant material that could contaminate your plants. When it comes to soil health, make sure that earthworms and microbes are plentiful in the soil to maintain a rich and nutrient-filled balance. Please don’t overdo it with pesticides since you will be killing earthworms that keep the soil rich by digging natural tunnels and enriching the soil to make a good home. Earthworms make the soil more lucrative as they try to make a suitable habitat for themselves. If it is too hot outside, and you are undergoing a drought season, bring in all portable plants inside or under a shaded area for protection from the harsh sun, and be sure to water more frequently. Despite harsh weather, gardeners should constantly water their plants no matter how scarce water may be.

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