Red Japanese Maple Tree - Package of 10 Seeds

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Red Japanese Maple Tree Seeds

The Red Japanese Maple Tree


A striking array of multi-shade red leaves establish the rich, warm tone of the red Japanese maple tree. With a year-round presence and a seemingly daily variance in hue, these small, ornamental trees give a sense of wonder and beauty. Their value may be found in both their aforementioned alluring leaves and their rigid hardiness. 


Though small, the red Japanese maple tree does produce pinkish, red flowers. They grow on stalks in umbrella-shaped clusters, blooming between late-Spring and early-Summer. Due to their size, they usually do not attract insects, instead of bringing in songbirds.


While its flowers may have a particular season, the leaves of the red Japanese maple tree provide beauty and color year-round. Praised in Autumn, these deeply lobed leaves appear scarlet with streams of purple, adding warm tones to a chilly season. Into Spring, the leaves become a bright and vibrant red that transition to more of a burgundy at the height of Summer. Even in Winter, the tree provides a colorful ambiance, having a red and black-streaked bark.


Mature Shape and Size

Red Japanese maple trees grow to reach a height of 15' to 25' (4.5 m - 7.5 m) and a width of 15' to 20' (4.5 m to 6 m). Early in life, these trees can grow at a rate of 1' to 2' annually. This rate slows considerably as the tree approaches full maturity. Though particularly hardy, these trees do require some maintenance, especially young trees in early Spring.


Ideal Conditions


Red Japanese maple trees grow best in the USDA hardy zones, 5 - 8. These are ones of lots of sunlight and moisture without being overly hot, cold, or rainy. Typically, these trees prefer dappled or filtered shade. This may be accomplished by having an overhanging tree canopy to allow the partial sun to fall on the red Japanese maple. If too much shade is placed over the tree, the growth of it will slow, and its leaves will temporarily turn green. It may handle full sun if the soil is not dry or too hot. 


In terms of soil, the red Japanese maple tree prefers acidic soil, though neutral pH may be tolerated. The moisture level should remain consistent to avoid periods of dry and wet times. Keep the soil moist and very well-drained to allow for optimal growth.


The last thing to consider regarding the red Japanese maple is how to protect the young and newly planted trees. Though the mature tree is disease resistant and can handle a variety of seasonal conditions, the more budding tree needs some assistance. In particular, springtime can be quite damaging. Both high winds and frosts can damage the leaves and roots of this otherwise hardy and versatile tree.


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