Interrupted Fern

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USDA Climates Zone: Three to Nine Height: 18-24 inches Spread: 10 inches Soil Type: Very Wet Sun: Full exposure

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Interrupted Fern - Osmunda Claytoniana

The Interrupted Fern, is native to Missouri. This plant boasts broad, green leaves and can grow from 2 to 4 feet in height. The Interrupted Fern gets its name from the strong fronts that fronds that grow in the middle of the leaves, "interrupting" them. These fronts usually fall off in the middle of Summer. The Interrupted Fern is generally found in areas north of the Missouri River because that landscape happens to be perfect for this fern. This plant likes to grow in areas that are moist (with slightly acidic soil) which is why it can most often be found on the slopes of ravines and in on sandstone ledges that are moist and wet. It is also found widely in colder areas of the United States. The Osmunda Claytoniana can also adapt to a vast array of climates. This plant grows in Hardiness Zones 2-8. This plant would do well in a home garden. I would take advantage of its extensive presence in your garden and would suggest planting your Interrupting Fern in a shady area. If you have a stream or a pond near you, I would recommend planting it along that body of water so your fern can get the best soil possible. This can grow in partly shaded areas or full sun, depending o the moisture level of the ground. The Osmunda Claytoniana is a hearty plant that is not very susceptible to disease or insects. This fern would make a great accent plant along the corners of your garden and would give beautiful texture along the perimeter of a bed of flowers. An interesting fact, this fern is resistant to deer, which makes it an ideal plant to install in your garden if you find yourself visiting deer on your property. This plant is also a perfect plant if you are starting off growing ferns since it is easily adaptable.

Interrupted Fern

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