NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

More people want to be vigilant about protecting our environment and resources, and organic gardening is beginning to become a trend in the right direction.

Its benefits are many, such as healthy food for our bodies, spending less at the grocery store for inferior vegetables containing harmful chemicals, and crop rotation. Preserving the soil is helpful for future generations to make organic gardening the preferred way of farming. The government has even started giving out incentives to farmers who choose to grow their crops organically. There is another reason that organic gardening is becoming so popular. With the dietary focus on fresh food that is as natural as possible, organic vegetables have 50% more nutrients and vitamins than conventionally farmed vegetables. Organic vegetables and fruits can have a beneficial impact on specific health issues such as high blood pressure, cancers, cardiac/heart problems, etc. Why would gardeners not want to use this method? It is healthier than food, and the process is pretty simple. Most of the organic vegetables that are sold in grocery stores are not 100% organic. Some are only about 50% organic. If you want to know the vegetables and fruits you are eating and serving to your families, start your organic garden. It is also financially responsible for using this method.

You will save money growing your organic vegetables because you will not purchase expensive fertilizers and pesticides. You will also save money because you and your family will be much healthier due to eating foods without the harsh chemicals, so fewer visits to the doctor.

If you want a delicious meal and realize that you grew all of the vegetables yourself in your garden, with no harsh pesticides or fertilizers, what an incredible feeling to know that you and your family are eating healthier. You are no longer putting the toxic chemicals in your bodies because of your efforts in the garden.

Source of Information on Organic Gardening