NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

There are a lot of tips that will make Hydroponics Gardening very easy to do.

It is a great way to grow beautiful houseplants, herbs, and good vegetable plants indoors.

When using the Hydroponics Gardening system, it is essential to correct the amount of natural light and the perfect watering conditions for the plants. The lighting for the plants can be provided in several ways. It will work best when a great window is found to supply natural light to the plants. They also make great artificial lighting that will work great when growing plants the Hydroponic way. The light bulbs can be purchased from home and gardening stores and also other stores. Fluorescent lights work great, but some lights will imitate the sun, and they are called discharge lights. These will provide a healthier environment for the plants as they grow indoors. It is also great to keep the water pH levels suitable for the plants. These levels need to be frequently checked so that they maintain the proper level of pH. The ideal pH level for this system is level 6. Fix the level is too high by adding a little bit of vinegar and then testing the water as it is added in small amounts. If the level is too low then, you can add some baking soda. Check the pH to reach the pH level to be a healthy level for the plants. Growing Hydroponics Gardening can be fun and fun to watch the plants begin to grow and thrive. It does well in conditions that do not contain soils and will be excellent as they start to produce those delicious vegetables that you can enjoy during meals with the family. The plants will receive plenty of needed nutrients when the lighting and water levels are correct for the plants grown with a Hydroponics system. It will also depend on the system used as to how often the pH needs to be checked and the type of lighting required.

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