Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea Shrubs

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2013

Proper PH For Hydrangea Shrubs to Keep Their Color Dark Blue


Hydrangea shrubs are one of the most common forms of plants in a garden. 

When looking to have hydrangea shrubs, you will want to keep the flowers blue. To keep the shrub flowers blue you will need to maintain a PH balance. With the proper PH balance, you will be sure to keep the flowers in the desired color at all times. To achieve this, it will be necessary to follow a few steps to ensure that the flowers stay blue. 

Among these steps are putting metal in the soil, keeping them in the good quality soil, keeping the PH levels low and maintaining an adequate amount of aluminum sulfate. By following these steps, you will keep your flowers blue and in good condition. An online nursery is the best place to buy hydrangeas that will be healthy.

One way to keep the flowers blue is to store them in pots in good soil. By storing them in pots with good soil, you will have the means to prevent them from changing color and therefore maintain their appearance. Since changing a flower from blue to any other color is more difficult, you will want to make sure that the flowers are stored in a good pot and quality soil to keep them blue.

Another way to keep the flowers blue is to put metal in the soil such as nails. With metal in the soil, you will help maintain its color as the soil will absorb the tiny particles of metal. These particles of metal will help make the plant stay blue and avoid changing color. It is important to put metal in the soil right before you put in the hydrangea shrub.

You will also want to keep the flowers blue by adding an adequate amount of aluminum sulfate. However, it is essential to do this with only mature plants and put in the aluminum sulfate in minimal doses. This is important because it will cause damage to the roots. The aluminum sulfate will help give the plant a vital compound to absorb and therefore help it maintain the color blue. It will also allow you to change it to blue more efficiently if the flowers were originally white or pink.

Lastly, it is important to keep the PH balance low. By keeping it low, you will be sure to enable the plants to stay blue and avoid changing color. In this process the metals in the soil will be more easily absorbed and therefore you will be more likely to maintain the blue color of the flowers

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