Hybrid Willow Tree

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Climate zone: 2-9 Mature Height: 45-75 feet Mature Width: 20-30 feet Sunlight: Shade to Sunny Soil Conditions: sandy, rocky clay soils. Just keep the soil moist. Botanical Name: Salix matsudana x alba

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Hybrid Willow Tree

Hybrid Willow Tree native to Northern hemisphere regions where climate ranges from cold to temperate are the fastest growing trees. Due to genetic recombination, the hybrid willow can grow anywhere from six to ten feet per year and can grow to a height of fifty to seventy feet at maturity. Hybrid Willow Tree Aside from its beauty and fullness of the elongated leaves, hybrid willows are useful for style, privacy, and low maintenance. Pest control, disease, and temperature are not a problem or inconvenience for caretakers of the willow tree which is usually pest and disease resistant and can handle a variety of soil conditions and temperate zones. For privacy, the hybrid willow has height and beautiful green leaves in the summer and maintains thick branches to keep confidentiality for windows or backyards in the winter. Hybrid Willow is a tree you can put to work in your yard! It's a problem-solver for some common trouble spots in many landscapes, such as erosion and wet soil, and it forms a fast-growing green screen for privacy. Best of all, it's a very undemanding tree, so if you like low-maintenance plants, you'll love growing Hybrid Willow Trees! A growth rate of 10 feet each year is not uncommon with our Hybrid Willow Trees -- that's how fast they can grow! At this rate, you can see how quickly your trees will give you privacy from neighbors or block an unsightly view, unlike other trees and shrubs that take many years to grow tall and fill in thickly. If you live on a corner lot, you're exposed on two sides to street traffic, which doesn't give you too much privacy in the summertime when you want to sit outside or enjoy family activities. Order now so you can get them in the ground as soon as possible, because after your Hybrid Willow Trees arrive on your doorstep, you'll actually be enjoying a full privacy hedge within a couple of years! 
Climate zone: 2-9
Mature Height: 45-75 feet 
Mature Width: 20-30 feet 
Sunlight: Shade to Sunny
Soil Conditions: sandy, rocky clay soils. Just keep the soil moist. 
Botanical Name: Salix matsudana x alba
No fertilizer needed!
Hybrid Willow Tree


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