Hummingbird Plants


Hummingbird Plants - Attract those rare beauties the natural way with plant nectar.

 Hummingbird plants can attract those mid-summer beauties. If you are a person who loves hummingbirds, it may interest you to know that there are several types of plants that present a strong attraction for those beautiful birds and are a lovely addition to a garden. These include the red cardinal flower, trumpet vines, which are a type of what is called hummingbird vines, bee balm plants, and purple coneflower.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Hummingbird Plants


1. Wisteria

2. Trumpet Vine

3. Milkweed

4. Impatiens Capensis


Hummingbird Plants

Installing hummingbird plants in your garden can help you attract more of your favorite sweet little bird than you can imagine.


Many people put out sugar-blended nectar to attract these fairy-sized winged creatures. However, that's only one way to lure them to your yard. In fact, providing natural blossoms can attract even more of them for several reasons.


First, an abundance of hummingbird plants means no competition for the nectar at a feeder. In some cases, the most assertive and aggressive hummingbirds get to feast while the others must wait. That can mean no meal for the weaker critters in the flock.


>Second, hummingbirds can see various colors, including red, orange, bright pink, green, yellow, and purple. However, they cannot see a broad color spectrum. Therefore, knowing the colors they can see--and making them available--makes an incredible difference. Offering these jewel-toned hues will catch their notice easily. Besides that, they add so much vibrancy to your garden.


Our Favorite Hummingbird Plants


TN Nursery has dozens of incredible hummingbird plants you can choose from. Here are five of our staff's top picks:


  •      Butterfly weed: The bright orange, three-foot-tall, sun-loving butterfly weed is also attractive to hummingbirds. This flower has a long blooming season to nourish your little feathered friends for many weeks of the summer.
  •      Wild geranium: These cup-shaped, five-petalled purple flowers provide both nectar and a spot in the partial shade to escape the summer sunshine. They are a beautiful species for a garden border or as a ground cover.
  •      Daffodils: This perennial bulb has cheerful yellow flowers with the deep tubular shape that hummingbirds prefer. They are one of the earliest bloomers of the spring, perfect for feeding those first little birds to alight in your yard.
  •      Orange daylily: The bright orange flower with a trumpet shape will bloom late in the summer and into the earliest weeks of fall. This cycle ensures that late-season hummingbirds will enjoy a feast.
  •      Blazing star: The bright pink pom pom flowers of the blazing star are striking and attractive to humans and hummingbirds!


TN Nursery Has an Amazing Collection of Hummingbird Plants Waiting for You

TN Nursery is a well-trusted company with seventy years of service to our customers. We know that once you see the healthy growth of the bare root plants you order from us, you will come back for more. Please feel free to browse our website with complete confidence in our commitment to vigorous hummingbird plants...and all your plant needs.

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