NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Saturday, April 2

What's your hardiness zone?

Different ways of figuring hardiness zones exist, but there are eleven basic ones.

Once you know your zone, then consider more questions. What is the climate of my area? Do I live at the foot of a mountain, on an open plain, in a large city, or near a swamp? All of these things effect your growing needs and can you give you very different issues than someone else in the exact same hardiness zone.

Now that you've considered your general area, consider your yard or balcony itself. Yes, even on a balcony you can have microclimates. Which area is in shade all day long? Which area is so hot it could kill a cactus? The more questions you ask about your own growing area, the easier it is to pick the right plants for the right areas for just what you need. Boxwood creates a cold hardy hedge. Find it in our mail order catalog.

Source of Information on Hardiness Zones