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How To Plant An Apple Tree

How To Plant An Apple Tree

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Thursday, June 9

To plant a apple tree it must first be determined which way you are going to get a tree. 

You can take a seed and plant it or get a small tree from your local plant nursery or home improvement house. If you chose to plant a seed to grow a tree it will take longer but with proper care you will better appreciate your tree in the long run for its beautiful fruit. If you get a small tree from your local store many long years will be cut out of growing your own appletree. This will make the time to get nice home grown apples shorter.

First you must select the spot for your tree (seed or plant). 

The area must have full sun, good rich well drained soil, and (for best performance) plenty of room to grow. The seeds area must be prepared with plenty of water and fertilizer. The seed should be best planted in the spring right after the last frost and should be watered daily until it reaches a good size. Planted trees should have a hole dug for them that is twice the size of their ball of roots. They also should be well fertilized and watered daily until they adjust to the new home. With both they should be trimmed to promote the tree growing in the shape desired. This should be done in the winter or dormant months. This will promote growth and apple blossoms in the spring.

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