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Snow cream always brings back fond memories of childhood days gone by.

Back in a time when there were a few flurries of snow to look forward to with no school, sledding with the kids in the neighborhood, and mom making that snow cream! It could always get us to come in from the cold. She always told us we had to wait for the second show because it was cleaner snow. The first gotten impurities out of the air, and the second didn't pick up any nasty stuff on the way down.

Here's the recipe as I remember it...

Place a large bowl outside, after it has snowed a little, to catch about a gallon of that pure white stuff.

Quickly bring it in and add 1 cup of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, 2 cups milk, and a well-beaten egg. (optional)

Scoop into bowls and enjoy because once the milk is in, it begins to melt.

Leftovers, if there are any, may be frozen and eaten later. It would be best to let it thaw a little when pulling it out of the freezer to get to that “stirring” consistency.

Warning: eating snow cream with all its yummy goodness too quickly may cause

“Brain freeze.”

Source of Information on How to Make Snow Cream