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How To Maintain Your Garden

How To Maintain Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Garden tools can be a terrible upkeep because they all require special treatment because they are made out of metal. 

There are several different types of fortifications you can place on the garden tools to ensure long lasting usage of the tools and equipment. 

If your tools are rusted or beginning to rust, then I have two great cleaners for both “go green” people and for other people that buy things due to the lower price tag because I’m sure the biodegradable rust spray is just a bit more expensive than the common rust be gone spray. The “go green” spray is called “Bullfrog rust blocker” This spray is potent and is a non-polluting biodegradable spray that can be used on any rusted equipment from sheers to an old shovel. The price tag on the bullfrog rust blocker is from $8.95 and up, and this is the spray. The next type I know of that is excellent is the “Boe shield T-9” which in my opinion is just as good, and the price tag for this item is usually around the $13.99, and this is the price for a two pack. All and all the bullfrog rust blocker is a better buy if you just want to purchase one of these items and then if you want to purchase a two pack or more, then the boeshield T-9 is the better buy. However, it is better for the environment and to help increase the time before total global warming if you purchase the bullfrog rust blocker both the animals in Alaska and the people of America will thank you graciously for helping the earth and the people and animals on it.

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