NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Basic tips for growing wildflowers

Wildflowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. They are easy to grow and come in a great variety of different types of flowers. What's more, wildflowers add depth to a garden that may be lacking in plants. They are a flower that grows freely as opposed to neatly in rows. You can plant seeds in the spring, summer, or fall; make sure they are continually watered.

An ideal time to grow is in the spring when rainfall is anticipated and frost is over. To plant, choose an area that gets lots of sun and makes sure the soil is loose, moist, and free of any weeds or undesirable plants. You might want a small space or a more significant area for a meadow. A tiny seed goes a long way, so spread them moderately. Plant the seeds no thicker than 1/4 inch. Fertilizer is not recommended. Flowers will sprout soon.

Choose the seeds that is best for you

There are different types of seeds you can choose from. Most will be annuals-they are born quickly, drop seeds, and die off. The seeds that fell will typically grow next spring. Perennials have a root system and can last years, even decades, but they take longer to develop. Third are biennials, which are less frequent, which complete their life cycle in two years.

Wildflowers are an excellent choice to plant in your garden. They grow freely without much effort and can grow most of the year; All the different colors add a natural richness to any landscape and are low-maintenance. You can pick some and make a beautiful bouquet with them or put them in a vase. Continue to water them take in a variety of different flowers in one mix.

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