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How To Choose Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden

Colorful and vibrant flowering shrubs can be a focal point of any garden, and they can attract a lot of attention. Flowering shrubs and bushes are smaller than most of the flowering trees which make them a good option for small space gardens.

Shrubs can be used in many different places in the garden. A single distinct variety can be used as a specimen, and several small flowering shrubs can be used for privacy around the house. These shrubs come in many colors and varieties. It is important to use the right kind of shrub for your landscape to ensure that it complements the surrounding elements.

Most of us prefer going in for shrubs that we love, however; there are some important factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the best ones for your garden-

Purpose- Flowering shrubs can serve many purposes. They can be used as accents in the garden or as flowering hedges. You can also grow larger varieties near the house for temperature control. Weigela, Dwarf Crape Myrtle, Shrub Rose, Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon, Viburnum and Forsythia are some small varieties that are ideal for hedging. Larger ones like Red Crape Myrtle, Spirea, and Magnolia Ann can be used to create beautiful accents.

Soil, Light, and Climate- It is important to choose adaptable varieties that can grow in your location. Most of the flowering shrubs prefer full sunlight and well-drained soil so they should be planted accordingly. Some varieties like Crape Myrtle are quite a drought tolerant, and you can grow them in dry areas.

Size- Size of the shrub on maturity can help you to determine the best place for planting them. They should be planted in such a location where they get ample space to grow. Avoid placing them near other plants as their branches tend to spread.

Apart from these factors, you can also choose specific varieties if you have a specific color theme in mind. Some alluring colors to choose from are blue, white, pink, red, yellow and lavender. You can grow Forsythia for yellow, Red Crape Myrtle for red, Magnolia Ann for pink and Hydrangea for blue or white colored flowers. There are other numerous varieties of flowering shrubs that you can choose for your garden.

You can find a range of vibrant and colorful flowering shrubs in a reputed online nursery. They can suggest you many great options depending on your location and climatic conditions.

Evergreen hedges and border mixed with flowering shrubs work great too. Top evergreen hedges are privet plants.

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