NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Holiday Gift Certificates

Need a perfect solution gift-giving solution?



Sometimes it's hard to choose a great gift. What size? What color? Will it get there in time? A gift certificate from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery makes it easy.

We offer you the freedom to choose.  You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount. Your recipient also gets the freedom to choose. They get the fun of browsing through our website and choosing the gift of their choice.

To help them in their selection, our site includes images, plant descriptions, and zone guidance. 


Does grandma like Hydrangea Shrubs? The backbone of many a garden, Hydrangeas are easy to grow, and their colorful blooms are long-blooming. And, Grandma will be reminded of you every year when they bloom.

Your aunt might like daylilies (Hemerocallis). The botanical name means "beauty for a day." Not to fear. While each flower blooms for only a day, there are multiple flower buds, so they are long-blooming plants. Perfect for mass plantings, where they will spread to form a dense display along fences or walkways.

Want something else? We also have a wide variety of trees, ferns, vines, berries, and more.


A child might prefer a Terrarium Garden Kit, which includes six live plants and moss. A perfect project gift to make with the child!

No matter what your recipient might like, a gift certificate is a great choice. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has a wide selection that is sure to please.

; Get YOur gift certificates! 



Please note, we sell bare-root plants, not potted plants. Evergreens ordered this season are not suitable for immediate use as Christmas trees.