NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Hedges are plants or shrubs grown together in a row or trained form to get the desired effect.

They are usually grown in gardens for privacy or to act as a partition in the area.

Well-cut hedges provide a neat and classy touch to the ambiance; many types of shrubs and plants are used for hedging purposes. Some common hedges are evergreen shrubs, boxwood shrubs, holly plants, privets, and mountain laurels. Some trees are used as hedges, like Canadian Hemlocks and European Beech trees.

Many fast-growing hedges are available in the markets that require less maintenance. You can also go in for fancy hedges that need to be pruned regularly to maintain their shape. Once you have decided what kind of hedge plant you want for your garden, you can consider where you need to plant them. Hedges can be grown on the borders of your garden to act as a natural fence, or else you can use them to act as a partition between certain areas in the garden. You can also plant them beside lanes or walkways. Prepare the soil properly and put ample amount of compost so that hedge plants survive longer.

Hedges require the intensive labor of regular pruning, cutting, and trimming, so maintenance is the crucial thing to have healthy and beautiful hedges. Water the plants regularly and put compost in the soil at least once every year. Fertilizers and other organic elements provide better growing conditions for hedge plants. Many hedging styles can be tried out in the garden, depending on what you like.

Some common hedge plants used in home gardens are Boxwood, English Yew, Privet, and Leylandii. Boxwood shrub needs relatively less maintenance than the other hedge plants, and it can easily be planted in pots.

There is so much supervision and caring needed for hedge plants that you cannot leave any room for errors. If the hedge plants are watered, pruned, and maintained well, they can accentuate your garden's beauty for many years.

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