NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Growing Wild Plants are Free and Easy

One of the most natural things to do when growing plants is transplanting them; It's free and easy, and you don't even have to search an Online Nursery to make a purchase.

If your neighborhood has some wild plants that need thinning or not on anyone's property, go wild.

Bring along a bucket and maybe even a container of water. Don't forget the ever-important tool: The shovel. Depending upon the size of the plant you are after, it will help you coordinate the size of your vehicle and whether or not you need help. Always have hydrating items for you as well. During the transplanting season, the sun will dehydrate you as well as your plants. It won't bode well for either one of you to wilt.

Next, make sure you bring along enough of the native soil for your transplant. It will require some of its own to continue with its life. It causes less stress and helps it to acclimate to your home and dirt.

And finally, prepare your area for your newly arriving transplant. An Online Nursery would not have what you are after anyway. They don't do free and prefer you pay for their services. After all, you have just gotten a trophy item, and you are about to bring it into your garden to love.

Now, bury it appropriately and firm up the soil around it to support any minor weeping it may do. Please water it enough for survival. After all that work, you don't want it to die if it is overly hot when you have moved it. Water it often during the day. Over-loving it will likely keep it alive. And probably for the next few days, you are going to have to babysit your new beauty. Otherwise, why would you bring it home?

The most beautiful part will be to watch it grow and thrive. What a fantastic feeling to bring something back to life, and it's flourishing in your very own yard.

After success at transplanting, don't be afraid to do it again. It helps with the species, and it makes your garden feel lovely and gorgeous. Enjoy! It's another day for easy and free wild plant growing.

Daffodil flowers are perfect wildflowers to find in a field and transplant home.

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