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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

By Tammy Sons

Information about Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Growing tomatoes is highly rewarding as the beautiful fruits add a splash of color to your garden and they taste simply delicious! If you are looking for an unusual and some, argue, a better way to grow your tomatoes, consider growing your tomato plants upside down.

Increasing Yield

There are many benefits of growing tomatoes upside down. Many of those benefits are listed here:

When you choose the right variety of tomato plants and grow them upside down, you will be able to enjoy bigger yields, more fruit, and overall better growth.

Tomato fruits often tax the branch while they grow. When you plant them upside down, the plants will enjoy better airflow and will not stress the branches as they grow, ripen and become heavier.

Since you will be planting them heavy side up, there is no need for staking the plant to improve stability.

Your tomatoes will ripen faster, and there will be no need for indulging in weeding.

You will spare your tomatoes from suffering through many diseases that are soil borne. Rotting problems will be no problem anymore because the tomato fruit will not come into contact with the ground at all.

Pests of all stripes and species will have a tough time reaching the tomato that is planted upside down. As a result, you will be able to limit the damage to your plants.

If you need to bump up the speed of growth, growing tomatoes upside down are the best option for you.

When planting tomatoes upside down, you cannot use tomato seeds. You will need to go to the nursery to acquire tomato plants that are at least three inches tall. The best varieties to choose are cherry, grape, Big Boy, and Early Girl tomatoes.

Think Upside Down!

Enjoy the better product and the envious looks from other gardeners by growing your tomato plants upside down!

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