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Growing Ferns In Containers

Growing Ferns In Containers

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Saturday, April 2

Ferns are one of most fascinating plants with a fossil history dating back millions of years. 

With several thousands of known varieties, they have a pride of a place in gardening and landscaping lore. From miniatures to monstrous trees, they come in all kinds of sizes, textures, and shapes to fit into any type of landscapes. In recent years, the varieties that can be grown in containers have gained popularity as houseplants. You may be able to buy the varieties of your choice from a reputed wholesale plant nursery at affordable prices.

One of the most popular varieties that are used as houseplants is the Boston or Sword fern. Placed in a hanging basket, it can add natural beauty to any home decor. It has a tendency to droop, and leaf drops are minimal, which makes it ideal for indoors. A new variegated form of this fern is also out there in the market, which is popularly called the Tiger Fern. Its beauty lies in its leaves that have dark green and lime green stripes. Another highly popular variety of ferns that is ideally used as a hanging basket is the White Rabbit’s Foot. This is a lovely plant with fuzzy appearance, delicate fronds, and adds freshness and cheer to any room.

Another advantage with using these perennial plants for homes and buildings is they do not require much light. 

This allows them to be placed even in the shaded or dark corners, so that a dash of color and texture is provided to an otherwise neglected spot. Transplantation of these plants into a container garden is also fairly easy. However, they need good care once they have been potted. Ferns thrive in moist and cool environment, and frosty and heated environments should be avoided. The fronds and foliage are delicate and should be handled with care. Buying these plants is easy, and you can check out any major online plant nursery for the varieties of your choice.

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