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Sunday, April 3

Berry plants can add to the richness of your garden in several ways.

Wine berries, blackberries and loganberries can help you to hide an old shed or decorate a dark, old tree. Raspberries can grow along the pavements and deter trespassers. Alpine strawberries can be used as an edging or as a ground cover.

A number of new varieties can also be purchased from any good wholesale nursery company. These varieties tend to provide large and tasty fruits season after season.

A smart way to grow strawberries is to plant them in straight rows instead of cumbersome beds. This will minimize your effort to achieve regular fruit. At least three rows should be planted, and each row can be allowed to fruit for three years and then replaced with a new row of plants. Once the fruit starts swelling, slug pellets can be placed along the rows, and the plants can be covered with a polythene strip. Ant powder may be dusted at regular intervals. When it is time for fruit picking, simply turn back the polythene, and replace it once the picking is completed.

Strawberries are highly prone to certain viruses, therefore it is important to purchase these online plant nursery from a reliable wholesale nursery company, only. Autumn is the best season for plantation, but you may also do it in spring. Some people also plant strawberries in July and August. This is acceptable as long as you can ensure that the plants will be regularly watered and cared for. Once the original rows of berries are in place, the parent plants may produce more runners than necessary. The excess quantity of runners should be removed as soon as they are visible, and should not be allowed to take root.

A great variety of early crops are available nowadays and if you wholesale nursery company,, you can check various choices available with the online nursery before placing your order. Varieties such as Cambridge Rival and Sentry are suited for heavier soils. Baron Solemacher alpine strawberries have a great taste, and Alexandria variety has a flavor similar to a banana, and the size of the fruit is bigger. The germination of both these varieties is haphazard, so extra care is required for a few weeks. If you have planted the seeds very early in the season, you may be able to pick fruit in the first year. As the plants grow in size, you can divide them.

You can grow raspberries on almost any kind of soil, but try to avoid lighter and dry soils, just as you do with strawberries. However, if have raspberries on a somewhat dry soil in your garden, make sure that the ground is sufficiently watered as soon as the fruit is set. This will help the crop to prosper. It is also a good to keep the raspberries liberally mulched with grass mowing and manure. June and July are the peak months for this crop.

Wine berries, blackberries, and loganberries can thrive in any ordinary garden soil as long as it is not an extremely poor or dry soil. Blackberries should be planted sufficiently apart because their growth can be quite rapid. Once the fruiting is complete, the spent cranes should be cut to the ground. Your garden can thrive with berry plants if you follow these simple gardening tips.

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