NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Ground Covers

The beauty of a home garden lies in the efficiency of the design, states Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery in Tennessee, a leading ground cover supplier and shipper. A gardener will want a maximum return for their efforts. If controlling weeds is a priority, then ground covers make an excellent choice. There are many beautiful plants to choose from, and taming weeds in this way is gratifying to work. The problems of weeds and soil erosion can be solved simply by planting these lovely flowers.

When considering low-growing plants for weed control, the key is to choose varieties that grow as aggressively as the weeds. Spreading flowers that hug the ground is beautiful because they transform your weedy lot into an oasis of beauty once they grow in.

Some excellent and effective ground covers to consider are Ajuga, Vinca minor, and English ivy. English ivy will cascade down a weedy hillside or tumble over a brick structure, softening the angles and lending an air sophistication. This lovely plant will either stay evergreen during the winter months or transform into wonderful coppery tones as a bonus. Only put this type of ivy where you want it because it spreads rapidly and can quickly clamor up nearby old-growth trees.

Vinca Minor

For an early explosion of color, consider Vinca minor. As commonly known, Periwinkle offers small star-like flowers in shades of lavender, blue, or purple. Periwinkles grow to about 4 to 8 inches tall and look like little twinkling stars. These lovely flowers welcome spring and stay around for about a month. After this beautiful flush of blooms, your garden is left with either a carpet of beautiful, shiny green leaves or variegated cream and white leaves. That is an evergreen plant, so it will not look dowdy in the winter months. They are easy spreaders and are reliable growers year in and year out. Dependable and beautiful and not overly invasive, these flowers make a lovely addition to your garden while holding back unwanted weeds.

Ajuga or bugleweed is a humble plant with a lot to offer. This stunning flower grows to about six inches tall. Beautiful, delicate sprays of two-lipped flowers in shades of purple, blue, pink, and white grow in tall spikes surrounded by leaves that can be smooth or highly textured and gorgeously colored. Cream and light green leave with a tinge of pink support light pink flowers. Most like shade or partial sun, and a few enjoy full sun. Black Scallop bugleweed is in the latter category with very showy, shiny, deep burgundy leaves. Richly hued leaves follow the delicate spring flowers.

Enjoy your garden more and spend less time weeding by planting these perennial favorites. These garden performers require little care except light maintenance and are hardy to zones 3 and 4.

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