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Landscaping grasses are gorgeous perennials that add color, movement and texture to your landscape all year long. Ornamental grasses are a wonderful choice available in a large number of plant varieties and best of all, are simple to grow and maintain. Average water and drainage are sufficient for most grasses.These plants bring elegance and a unique appearance to your property. To choose your favorites, it's important to decide on the height you prefer. There are tall ornamental grasses that can reach spectacular heights of six to eight feet with some plumes soaring to 12 feet. There are also short ornamental grasses that generally hover around nine inches and others up to three feet.

Ornamental grasses feature gorgeous hues to add depth and interest to your landscaping plans. Consider blue grasses or pink ones that resemble cotton candy. Some have exotic purple plumes, white ones, bronze and just about any shade imaginable. Appalachian Sedge Carex pennsylvanica, Texas Sedge Are Top Sellers. These show-stopping perennials can grow in a number of zones, depending on what variety you choose. For your best bet with low-maintenance appeal, choose grasses that are native to your region. Dead stalks are cut down in late winter or early spring. Ornamental grasses can enhance most any landscape in a number of significant ways. Low-growing grasses are excellent ground covers and will smother surrounding weeds. There are also tall grasses that create a wonderful privacy screen to hide an unpleasant view.Texture also plays a major role in how ornamental grasses add uniqueness to your property's landscaping. For instance, mounding grasses can deliver softness next to other plants, while upright grasses create a sharp, strong appearance to beds and borders.Ornamental grasses can also offer a gracefulness to hard surfaces around your landscape. Stone walls, pavers and even the concrete edges of swimming pools for example, look more welcoming and softer with a mass of grasses planted along them.