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Grasses For Zone 6

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A Patio Harvest of Blossoming Color

Grasses For Zone 6


Summer is the time for enjoying the warm weather, and all that nature has to offer. By using ground covers and planting colorful flowers, your patio will balloon into a retreat for entertaining or relaxing. Here are some tips for designing the perfect place for enjoying the sunshine and surrounded by radiant natural beauty.

Checking your Zone

Planting a variety of perennials will bring splendor to any soul when positioned correctly. Take into consideration the type of soil and humidity required of plants when they are in full bloom. Low lying perennials, such as blue violets, thrive well in the shade and are excellent for ground covers, but attempting to raise near sun-seeking African Daisies, just does not work. Always check the hardiness zones for plants to have best results.

Ground Covering

The grass is not the only way to show off a healthy yard. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on eliminating weeds, rough rolling spots, and seeding to keep a lawn lush and even, consider planting ground covers that add life and atmosphere. A ground cover of Phlox colorful flowers will not only add a softer appearance but will keep the soil from eroding and losing moisture.

Plants to Accent a Patio

Plant flowers near patios to enjoy the rich colors that can immediately raise your spirits. Do not be afraid to mix up the variety and colors that present a show each time you walk outside. Everything from chrysanthemums and evening primrose to a couple of Coreopsis 'Autumn Blushes', provide a colorful array of nature's finest. Curve a flower bed along the edges of the exterior patio, about 5 feet away, to feel the closeness, without feeling boxed in. When you plant flowers near patios, the air is fragrant and clean.

Grasses For Zone 6 in Pots

Flower boxes and containers for patios have taken on a strikingly bold look that amplifies the lushness of leaves and the lovely sight of almost any flowering plant. Wood planters provide a warm and rustic feel while stamped or sculptured concrete forms add a stately presence. Try mixing native grasses and ground-cover roses for a different, aesthetic style. Let the roses fall from the front of the container and dot the grasses with a couple of small anise sage plants. Containers for patios can be changed, whenever the mood strikes you, or can be relocated easily.

With a little planning, this season can be your most beautiful memory ever.

Grasses For Zone 6