Grasses For Zone 5


Coon Tail Grass
Coon tail grass is a perennial high nutrient plant also called Ceratophyllum demersum or hornwort. Some even refer to this as aquatic vegetation. This two species plant is commonly found in sluggish wet areas in the United States and Canada. The plant is sold in pet stores and can be found in lakes, ponds, and streams. It reproduces through fragmentation and seeds. When one plant breaks off and falls, a new plant grows. The feathery fan-shaped leaves have no root and resemble a raccoon's tail. The leaves have tiny teeth that are divided into small segments that are rough to the feel. Calcium deposits in water create the texture of the leaf. In an aquarium, the leaves attach themselves to things in its habitat. The small flowers that are rarely seen grow annually from the base of the leaf. The flowers are only about 2 millimeters long with about eight petals. The small fruit is about four to five millimeters long. The plant has often been mistaken for fanwort. Portions of coon tail grass provide habitats for many macro and micro-invertebrates. Ducks and other wildlife feed off of the fruit.

Barnyard Grass
Barnyard Grass is a great plant for lawns and gardens where it creates a very naturalistic aesthetic that conjures up images of open farm fields and prairies. The grass will grow up to 5ft. With a width of up to 6in. And is typically golden and green in color. One of the greatest benefits of planting Barnyard Grass in your garden or lawn is that the plant keeps insects at bay and can work as a natural form of weed management. Birds are also attracted to the taller grass, and this can enhance the natural beauty of your home as you are greeted in the morning and evenings with visiting birds.

To grow Barnyard Grass, you will need moist soil and either an area that is partially shaded or in full view of the sun. The grass is easy to grow and does not require much work on the part of the homeowner. It should be planted during spring or summer seasons. Due to the tall length of the grass, Barnyard Grass can also be an excellent option for those who wish to create more privacy or a stronger land barrier between their home and their neighbor's homes.