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Golden Poppy is the state flower of California. Its scientific name is Eschscholzia California.

This plant can be found in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

It is often used as a means of highway beautification because of its ability to withstand drought conditions and is not a fragile plant. It is a beautiful and resilient plant, with flowers ranging in color from orange to yellow.

At night the petals close and open again in the morning with the sun. However, on cloudy, overcast days, the petals may remain closed.

This flower is known as the state flower for California. It can be located in several states such as Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington. This is a very hardy plant and is used to beautify highways and roadways. It can take drought conditions very well. This flower will be beautiful with the blooms that it will produce. The blooms can be anywhere from yellow to orange. This is a fascinating flower. This flower will open every morning as the sun begins to come up and will close up at night. This flower was used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes and was also used in making their face paint. This plant has also been used to treat anxiety disorders. These are beautiful flowers and will add a very vibrant color to your flower gardens. You will enjoy watching these flowers as they bloom and will be amazed at how beautiful they will be when they are all in bloom. You can order this great flower from an online plant nursery. You can be sure that you will receive this flower is top conditions and they will be healthy. They will be ready for you to plant as soon as you receive. Go ahead and use your imagination in creating that great flower garden or natural area. This plant will bring everything to life as it begins to bloom. You will be well satisfied with the beautiful blooms that this plant will give you to enjoy.

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