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North American ginseng roots are used for medicinal purposes.

This root is tan in color and is shaped like a human body. The shape of the root was one of the reasons why ancient Chinese practitioners thought that ginseng was ideal for rejuvenating and energizing the whole human body.

Proven Results

North American ginseng can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Its efficiency rating is quite high for medicinal purposes like:

Dealing with type 2 diabetes: Studies show that ingesting about 3 grams of North American ginseng directly approximately two hours before a meal can significantly reduce the after meal blood sugar levels. This change is brought about by the ginsenosides that are present in North American ginseng. The root of this plant can be thinly sliced and chewed or swallowed directly.

Preventing common cold and flu: An extract of North American ginseng called CVT-E002 may be taken in dosages of 200mg twice a day during the influenza season. This might have positive effects in preventing the occurrence of common cold and flu in adults during this period. The chances of acquiring a repeat cold are lessened, and any symptoms of the flu become minor and last for a lesser amount of time if the extract is used.

Almost a Panacea

Other than these primary medicinal purposes, studies are underway to determine the efficacy of the North American ginseng root in problems such as child attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and breast cancer. Conclusive results are yet to be declared. North American ginseng is also known to be beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety as well as strengthening the immune system.

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