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Gardening Tips 101

Gardening Tips 101

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

This may be your first garden or flower garden. 

You can find lots of information regarding creating these types of gardens online or even at your local home and garden centers. 

You can also find information at online plant nurseries about creating these types of gardens. You can let your imagination go wild creating a beautiful flower garden at a low cost and will not have to be expensive to do so. You can use old containers such as old flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows, and can even use old shoes for your plants. These will add a personal feel and will bring your flower gardens to life. You can also find great perennials for your flower garden and these plants will come back year after year for your to admire and enjoy. You can also create your very own compost pile and create your very own fertilizer for your gardens. This is very inexpensive to do and your flowers will grow great. You can also create a vegetable garden with a raised bed that will be very inexpensive. All you will need is wood, nails and some very rich dirt that has lots of nutrients and fertilizer. You can make these raised flower and vegetable gardens as small or as large as you would like them to be. You can find free plans on how to build these great gardens online or at your home and garden centers. You can also use old stones to create a border around your gardens and this will give them a very natural look.

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