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Wildlife Landscaping And How It Helps Your Garden Now

Wildlife Landscaping And How It Helps Your Garden Now

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31 , 2016

Landscaping for Wildlife

You may have visited a wildlife sanctuary before. Were there tigers? Or lions? Did you have to go a lot further than you expected, wait in line for tickets, then wind up sweaty and grouchy on top of everything else? What if you realized that you may already have a mini wildlife sanctuary on your property right now? Even, perhaps, on your patio or balcony.

A sanctuary provides for the basic needs of wildlife, whether they be animals, birds, frogs, or insects. 

Do you provide food? Either via a bird feeder or through plants that grow berries or leaves that butterfly caterpillars enjoy? Do you have a source of water? Perhaps a bird bath if you haven't got the room for a small pond? Is there housing? A proper birdhouse or perhaps a hedge or tree where birds can build nests? Then you are providing a sanctuary for your local wildlife. Maybe you ought to charge for tickets. The hazel alder provides a great deal for wildlife all wrapped up in one tree. Read more about it in our tree nursery.

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