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Remove landscape rodents the easy way- Tn Nursery

Remove landscape rodents the easy way- Tn Nursery

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Tuesday, March 29

Believe it or not, it might just be pollinating your flowers. Over 150 types of plants are helped by bats. 

You may not want to meet one, necessarily, but if you do, it's okay. It's more likely to be biting an insect than you. 

Bats eat other things, including fruits. Though 70% eat insects, one amazing type eats fish.

Bats may be smaller than you think. One type is just over an inch across. Not only are they petite, but some are also almost dainty. They use their tail as a napkin! Much as bats spread the seeds of fruit trees, insects and birds spread the seeds of barnyard grass. Find it in our online plant nursery. 

Source of Information on Bats