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Wetland Plants Are Excellent For Ponds And Wetland Swamps

Wetland Plants Are Excellent For Ponds And Wetland Swamps

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Wetland Mitigation plants like the cattail, bulrush, water lily, and plantain are excellent choices for landscaping your wet areas.

They are super hardy for most zones, rapidly multiply and are good for the wildlife to feed on

. Bulrush and other wetland native grasses help with soil erosion also in ponds and lakes with deep sloping banks. Soft Rush is a low growing grass too with a large root system, and these type grasses are beneficial in wetland restoration planting.

Grasses are worry-free, spreads and also they are good for ducks, geese and other wildlife to have for blankets from predators like the coyote and wolves. In Tennessee, we have great problems in the mountainous areas with Black Wolves. They will approach your geese and ducks in open daylight and drag them off to the woods for a feast.Dense thickets like the cattail, rushes and other wetland plants help protect them when planted in small islands and along the banks.

We sell a lot of wetland species too to wetland mitigation companies. It seems the government has taken interest in habitat restoration projects within the past 2-3 years. Also, there are new governing laws now for building, and new site projects that the landowner must restore on the project site habitat plants or hefty fines will be issued.

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