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Vanderbilt Children's Hospital: Helping Children Everyday

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital: Helping Children Everyday

Posted by Tammy Sons on 10th Jul 2016

These iron statues of children reside outside the main entrance of the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville. 

Our daughter goes there for a kidney disease she is fighting. Every couple months we walk in, and I can't help but stare at these figures joyfully playing.

When you walk inside you, see a different story. Sometimes we arrive through the doors and go to the 10th floor where her appointment is without seeing any sick children. But sometimes we see little red wagons with nurses or parents pushing sick children. Some with no hair, some with severe disabilities and some just slightly coherent. The lump in my throat and the breaking of my heart makes it hard to hold my composure together and stay strong for our daughter being there sick also.

It gives me a reality check that my small issues and daily life struggles are minor "nothing" compared to some of the children here. Please remember all the sick and suffering children and their parents in places like this.